Mining Products

Our Chemical Business manufactures industrial grade, solid ammonium nitrate (AN) and AN solutions for the mining, construction and quarry industries. Our customers use the mining products we supply to provide explosives and mining services to many of the largest coal producers in the United States. They are also used to extract other minerals such as copper and gold. Our products are also used to remove rock and stone in the quarry industry for use as construction and decorative materials.

Typically, our products are transported in a non-explosive state to mining, quarry, or construction sites where they are altered to suit the specific use they are intended.


  • Solid prilled, low-density industrial grade ammonium nitrate is free flowing and fuel absorbent.
  • Ammonium nitrate solution is the key ingredient in the manufacture of emulsion and water gel blasting agents.

For a detailed listing of our products and what they are used for, click here.