Industrial Chemicals

Our Industrial Chemical Business is the largest merchant marketer of concentrated nitric acid in North America and is capable of supplying nitric acid blends for most customer needs. We own and operate the largest fleet of concentrated nitric acid rail cars in the United States.

Concentrated nitric acid is used for nitration to produce various specialty chemicals including flame resistant fibers, gaskets, fuel additives, ordnance, carbon filters and other chemical products. Our specialty blends and mixed acids are used for metal treatment, diesel fuel additives, herbicides, ordnance, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, herbicides, pesticides and metal treatment. 







As one of chemistry’s most versatile materials, sulfuric acid is used for pulp and paper manufacture, water treatment, metals processing, and a variety of other uses. These products are used in pulp digestion, bleaching, water treating, and metal etching.

Our Chemical Business is also a niche market supplier of industrial and high purity ammonia for many specialty applications, including the reduction of air emissions from power plants, water treatment and refrigeration.

Our industrial grade ammonia nitrate is also used for high purity industrial markets applications such as greenhouses, nurseries, animal antibiotics and conductivity enhancement.


  • Concentrated Nitric Acid is a high quality concentrated (>98%) nitric acid (HNO3).
  • Weak Nitric Acid in concentrations from 55% to 84% is sold or blended to any specified concentration using the company’s 98% concentrated nitric acid.
  • High quality, virgin Sulfuric Acid is available in 3 grades: 98%, 66° Baumé (93%), and 93% Low Iron.
  • Custom blends of mixed nitric acid are mixtures of concentrated nitric acid with sulfuric acid or oleum.
  • Anhydrous Ammonia is available in commercial, refrigerant, and metallurgical grades.
  • Specialty Grade ammonium nitrate for a variety of horticultural and other industrial applications.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid is available for NOx abatement use in vehicles.
  • Food grade carbon dioxide in truckload quantities.

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