Our History

LSB Industries, Inc. is a publicly traded diversified holding company with national leadership positions in both our Climate Control and Chemical Businesses.

1950 - 1968 Jack E. Golsen founded or acquired several small manufacturing companies.
1969 LSB Industries formed with three principal businesses:
  • Climate Control Products – manufacture of hydronic fan coils used in commercial buildings
  • Industrial Equipment and Supplies – for the metalworking manufacturing and oil field industry
  • Automotive – manufacture of ball and tapered roller bearings, motor mounts and seals for new vehicles and the aftermarket

LSB went public and was listed on the American Stock Exchange. At the time of LSB’s listing its annual sales were $13.0 million.

1971 Construction of International Environmental Corportion (IEC) new 100,000 sq. ft. hydronic fan coil manufacturing facility.
1974 Construction of a dedicated 40,000 sq. ft. air coil manufacturing facility that later became ThermaClime Technologies, Inc.
1978 Engineered and constructed spherical roller bearing facility in the Soviet Union.
1980 California Heat Pump Corp. (CHP) was formed to manufacture and market closed loop water source heat pumps, expanding LSB’s Climate Control product offerings for commercial buildings.
1984 Acquired El Dorado Chemical (EDC), located in El Dorado, AR, formerly owned by Monsanto and created LSB's Chemical Business segment.
1985 Acquired Friedrich-ClimateMaster, Inc. (located in Utica, NY), a manufacturer of closed loop water source heat pumps for commercial buildings and geothermal heat pumps for both commercial and residential uses.
1986 Start-up of KOAX Corp. Engineered and built a production facility to manufacture coaxial heat exchangers for use in water source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and other products.
1986 - 1990 EDC added six distribution centers for its agrochemical products.
1988 Engineered and constructed a new 230,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility for water source heat pumps in Oklahoma City. Moved ClimateMaster operations from Utica, NY to Oklahoma City. Combined CHP and ClimateMaster operations.
1988 Acquired several Savings and Loan Institutions from FSLIC and formed Equity Bank for Savings.
1989 Equity Bank acquired United BankCard, Oklahoma’s largest credit card company at that time.
1990 Engineered and constructed a major expansion of EDC facility.
1992 Engineered and constructed tapered roller bearing facility in Slovakia.
1992 Acquired Slurry Explosive Corporation.
1994 LSB sold Equity Bank and United BankCard to Bank Four of Wichita, KS.
1995 Chemical Business expanded into Australia with the acquisition of four Australian chemical plants.
1995 EDC completed the addition of the only commercial Direct Strong Nitric acid plant in the US.
1998 Constructed El Dorado Nitrogen, L.P. (“EDNC”) facility in Baytown, TX. EDNC is a state-of-the-art nitric acid manufacturing facility located on Bayer Corporation’s Baytown facility.
1999 The Chemical Business sold its four Australian chemical plants.
2000 Engineered and built new facility for ClimateCraft to manufacture large custom air handling units.
2000 Acquired Cherokee Nitrogen manufacturing facility in Cherokee, AL.
2000 Start-up of Trison Construction to undertake major geothermal heat pump installations throughout the US.
2000 EDC sold its retail blasting centers to Orica and entered into a long-term contract to supply Orica commercial explosives.
2000 LSB sold its Automotive Bearing Business.
2000 LSB acquired chemical plant in Pryor, OK. This plant was not in operation at the time of acquisition.
2001 Start-up of ClimaCool to distribute modular water chillers used in commercial HVAC systems.
2002 LSB sold Slurry Explosive Corporation.
2006 Expansion of ClimateMaster manufacturing facility through acquisition of adjacent 46,000 square foot facility.
2007 Expansion of ClimateCraft manufacturing facility by 50,000 square feet.
2009 70,000 sq. ft addition to ClimateMaster manufacturing facility
2010 Completed greenhouse gas emission reduction project at EDNC facility in Baytown, TX. This project generates approximately 600,000 carbon credits annually.
2010 Achieved sustained production at Pryor, OK Chemical facility.
2011 Start-up of 100,000 square foot dedicated modular chiller manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City.
2012 30,000 sq. ft. addition to the ThermaClime Technologies manufacturing facility