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Agrochemical Products Uses

Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solutions (UAN)
Manufactured nitrogen content fertilizer

High nitrogen content fertilizer for corn and other crops with high nitrogen demand (wheat, milo, cotton).

E-2® Ammonium Nitrate Prill (solid)
High nitrogen content fertilizer

Crops, pastures, forage areas. The primary nitrogen component in NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) fertilizer blends.

Fertilizer Blends and Special Chemicals
Custom blend of purchased diammonium phosphate, potash

Special application for agri-business products.

Anhydrous Ammonia
Liquid Application

High nitrogen content fertilizer primarily used for corn.
Industrial Acids, Ammonia, DEF Uses

Concentrated Nitric Acid
Aqueous solution up to 99% concentration

Production of specialty fibers, nitrocellulose, gaskets, crop chemicals, mining products, metal treatment, nitric acid commercial blends.

Nitric Acid Commercial Blends
Aqueous solution up to 84% concentration

Semiconductor industry, manufacture of nylon and polyurethane intermediates, potassium nitrate compounds, ammonium nitrate production.

Anhydrous Ammonia
Commercial grade and high purity refrigeration, metallurgical grade

Air emission abatement in power plants, water treatment, refrigerants, metals processing, and a wide variety of industrial uses.

Mixed Acids
Blends of concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid/oleum

Diesel fuel additives, ordnance, herbicides and pharmaceutical grade nitroglycerine.
Sulfuric Acid
98% and 93% concentrations, standard and low-iron grades
Pulp and paper manufacturing, alum, water treatment, metals processing, vanadium processing, other industrial uses.
DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) Exhaust stream additive to reduce NOX emissions from diesel vehicles.
Industrial Mining Products Uses

Ammonium Nitrate Solutions
54% and 83% concentrations

Specialty emulsions for mining applications, other miscellaneous uses.

Low Density Ammonium Nitrate Prills (solids)
Solid pellets with good porosity and flowability

Surface mining, quarries, construction.



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