Product Markets

Hundreds of products used by thousands of people every day are made with chemicals that we produce. LSB’s Chemical Business is a vital supplier to the world’s leading chemical and industrial companies and to the U.S. agriculture market.

Agricultural grade ammonium nitrate, urea ammonia nitrate, anhydrous ammonia and other agrochemical products are used as fertilizer for crops, pastures, and forage areas. Our nitrogen fertilizers are used in diverse areas, ranging from the corn-belt, to the central U.S. to the southern plains. Our fertilizers are used to grow a variety of crops and grains including corn, cotton, wheat, alfalfa, vegetables and citrus.

LSB is the leading "merchant marketer" of nitric acid in North America. Nitric acid is used in the manufacture of rubber, nylon and flame-resistant fibers, electronic components, and polyurethanes for numerous products found in homes, cars, sports gear, and clothing.

We supply sulfuric acid to the paper industry.

Industrial grade ammonium nitrate is used in the mining, quarry and construction industries. It is used to help mine metals and the coal that are a vital part of our nation’s energy supply.

The DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) we produce is used to reduce NOx emissions in diesel powered vehicles. Anhydrous ammonia is also used to control emissions from coal-fired electric power plants.

Operating four chemical production facilities in four states, our products are distributed by rail, truck, barge and pipeline to customers throughout the United States.

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